In her new Earthtronica LP, Ebony Tay tells with a unique voice, the story of a spacefaring superhero who uses her musical powers to bring peace, love, and justice to the cosmos. Earthtronica ventures through interstellar space and explores the Solar System on her way to visit Earth. With her audioastrovisionary powers, Earthtronica turns her sensory experiences into stellar electronic-rock songs with a futuristic vibe. Tay combines the sounds sampled from space with guitar riffs inspired by Hendrix and Prince, DJ beats influenced by Pretty Lights, and carefully crafted piano/synthesizer tones. As a Juilliard-trained composer and a lover of space, Ebony Tay brings music, space, and science together for an LP that is out of this world!
  1. EARTHTRONICA - Into The Blue - Teaser Ebony Tay 0:31
  2. EARTHTRONICA - Boundaryless Ebony Tay 3:26