My Story

Musical Roots

Growing up in a big, blue collar family in Canada she had a passion for music and a diligent work ethic. Years of national track and field competitions have given her the drive to be persistent and to persevere when the going gets tough.

Battling a rare infection that left her temporarily blind, paralyzed, and deaf left Tay with a newfound understanding, awareness and appreciation for sound that sets her apart from other composers. Coping and healing after the sudden loss of her senses took extensive meditation and biofeedback therapy, but she also found solace in her guitar, which helped to rehabilitate her motor skills and heal her soul.

Tay’s life-changing experience sparked her curiosity for the wonders and mysteries of the universe. Her passion for science and the cosmos, augmented perception of sound, and extensive music education led Tay to evolve a unique musical style.

While experimenting with new sounds in the studio, Tay’s fascination with the universe inspired her to explore the sounds of space in her new LP, EarthTronica, which will be released later this year. EarthTronica features real sounds from NASA spacecraft and musical impressions of the atmospheres on other planets. Collaborating with a writer for, Tay researched and interpreted real data, images, and astronomical studies to carefully craft tracks that convert science into sound both artistically and realistically.

Following her dream to expand her musical strengths and explore more diverse and complex musical expressions, Tay completed the full four years of music theory education at Juilliard in 2013-2014 There she studied from world-renowned professors to refine her musical expertise. Many of her fourth-year compositions were selected for productions at Lincoln Center and off Broadway, including The North Star, an atonal piece that premiered at the Juilliard School’s celebration of Martin Luther King, and Maasai Queen, an Off-Broadway dance production scored for piano, violin and dual percussion.

Now she records inside her custom “boutique score space” called AWE, where she has worked to create online commercials for hip brands. Tay’s music branding has been featured online by The Cool Hunter, Huffington Post, NBC and Vogue.

Film & Television

Tay is the first woman of color to score for a theatrically released feature film, Hate Crime, which she also produced. Leveraging her combination of artistry and entrepreneurialism, Tay scored a second feature film, Sedona, starring Frances Fisher of Titanic, Beth Grant of The Artist and The Mindy Project, and Lin Shaye of Insidious. The soundtrack featured the sacred tributes of the Apache and Lakota tribes recorded in ancient caves and won an Arizona Music Award in 2012 for best score.

Now she is working on the music and sound effects for a new web series called The EXpert in which she experiments with unique audio effects, using the sounds of technology to bring the story to life. The score features members of The Roots Crew (The Tonight Show) and presents a range of unique sound samples from computer transistors and typewriters to melodies played in reverse. These sound effects give a personality to one nameless character throughout the show: a computer that is continually interacting with the lead character (Jennifer Bareilles). The EXpert is scheduled for the New York Stage for 2017 with new episodes being scored throughout the summer.